The Secret of Successful LEXMARK PRINTER OFFLINE

The Secret of Successful LEXMARK PRINTER OFFLINE

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Lexmark printer is making your work easy sharp and fast. if you have this Lexmark printer at your home or your office than your work seem very easy for this the Lexmark printer is always is available for you.

But sometimes it frustrated you when it’s getting stop or offline, sometimes this printer could be lead to major problems this was a role of the Lexmark printer offline issue. For this always remember that whenever you face this kind of problem you need to install the latest version of the Lexmark printer on the driver

Lexmark Printer Offline Issue

There were some ways to solve the problem of printer offline we providing you the helpline guide because in this there was the technical issue which was not solved by the normal person which was doesn’t have a pure knowledge about this that’s why we are here to solve your printer offline problem.

some ways of the Lexmark Printer support for the given issues:

1) Change your Printer setting

This was also the main reason which was to create a problem in Lexmark Printer is offline because the settings are customized so. For this, you can change the settings by visiting the printer. after this, you should uncheck the box that says ‘use printer offline’ the printer can come back online. sometimes this was condition would happen.

2) When the paper was jam

Sometimes the jammed paper can cause the Lexmark Printer to go offline this happened due to the curve of paper. These papers need to be unloaded in order to make the printer’s working ability and working performance.

3) When there is a fault in the hardware

There is a need to get it right to solve the problem of hardware for this the organization of printer was help to solve the problem of the offline printer.

4) connection of USB

While the connection of USB was disconnected from the computer the Lexmark printer was offline so, monitor your USB connection carefully and check it.

5) The old version of the driver

The printer will work successfully when you always updated your driver. If you don’t know how to update your driver then you can contact our company for your instant solution, we immediately give you the best suggestion.

Check the status of your printer

Check the status of your printer 

  • If you face this kind of problem in your printer you can restart your printer and reset your printer.
  • For this press, the ‘window logo key’ then click on the devices
  • Then click on the printer and devices.
  • Right-click on the ‘green check mark icon’ then click on ‘see what’s printing’.
  • Click on a printer.
  • You can see the tick mark to ‘pause printing’ and ‘use printer offline’ then you should remove the ticks.


In this, we told you what to do if the printer is not running, so that you can solve your problem as soon as possible, in this, we have given you the details, you can still use them, after this, your problem didn’t solve then you can call the helpline number. hope we solve your problem

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