How to solve Lexmark error 1203

How to solve Lexmark error 1203

How to solve Lexmark error 1203

Lexmark error 1203

If you work with your same Lexmark Printer 1203 for a long time and sometimes it could show the error 1203 and you were in problem so, for this we show you the solution in this article and provide you a very straight forward guidance to overcome this situation instantly, but before this, we should have to information about that why these Lexmark error codes were appearing so have a look at the possible causes behind this error code 1203.

Reasons for Lexmark Printer Error 1203

Before we describe the solution about Lexmark Printer error we know to have information about and have to understand that what was the reasons for the error 1203 in your Lexmark Printer devices?

We want that you should aware of the most potential offenders leading to this error or issue in your Lexmark Printer.  This type of Lexmark  Printer 1203 is also take an easy shift for your problem and solve it at very low time limit with the code 1203.


  1. Lexmark Printer can be the error with your attached control panel.
  2. This cartridge is also played the role of the contain the error issue.
  3. It could be the same problem with the same issue of the error 1203 with the operator panel.
  4. This was also held by the incomplete installation of the cartridge in the Printer, so you can also check this very carefully
  5. If your Printer having dirt so that was also the cause of the error of Lexmark Printer 1203.

Steps to Fix Error 1203 on Lexmark Printer

  • Check your connection in which the Printer was connected.
  • After this check your control panel which allows the accessibility for the cartridge.
  • Then you will see the quick movement in the Printer cartridge after this it will be stopped immediately at the normal position.
  • Dealing with the cartridges from the printer then close the accessibility door after this power it on.
  • Inspect your operator then look at your operator panel and check that what will show on your screen if there is a message of error 1203 that there was something incorrect on your printer.
  • Install the cartridge, as usual, Lexmark printer support guide says that reinstall the cartridge and this step was also a very important step.
  • After this put the color cartridge accurately in the left carrier then place it into the black cartridge which was in the right carrier.
  • Press the cartridge at a very soft form until it firmly into an exact setting.
  • Check your operator panel and see the 1203 error still displaying or not.

Error 1203 on Lexmark Printer

If the cartridge message is displayed so after that 2nd cartridge will be introducing the failing process then there is a requirement of the replacement of cartridge. If you still see the error code 1203 then it was the time to contact the Lexmark Printer support team to get instant solutions.

Lexmark Printer Customer Support Phone Number

Tell us your problem regarding to the Lexmark Printer our experts will show the you the instant solution on the call our calling number is (18662524252) you can call us in this number if you have any problem regarding to the Lexmark Printer 1203

Remarks in the End:

There are the effective point or steps in which was helps you to get instant solution. After the following steps when you applied it on your own Printer then you able to solve this issue but if you have any doubt to follow these steps you can take expert assistance for resolving this matter. If you like this article, then you can comment in the feedback section down below.

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