How To Find IP Address on Brother Printer

How To Find IP Address on Brother Printer

If you are looking for how to find IP address on brother printer if you follow my simple step you can find easily your IP address.

In this article, we show you use the Brother Printer IP Address with using in the manual IP address for this we used to apply some settings in the manual IP address which was given below to understand easy.

How To Find IP Address on Brother Printer

First, ensure your PC window-

1. (Window 10)

  • In window 10 click on the start button 
  • Then go to all apps
  • After this go to the windows system 
  • Then choose the Command Prompt

2. (Windows 8)

  • Go to the start button
  • Then click DownArrow
  •  If DownArrow this sign is not available on your screen no need to worry
  • You can right-click in an anywhere empty spot
  • after this, the option was there of All Apps on the bar click on it
  • Then click Command prompt

How to change the printer IP address and other network settings?

How To Find IP Address on Brother Printer

In this, you should change the network setting with the using of the control panel;

  1. First, you should select the Network option.
  2. Then press the OK button.
  3. Now you should select WLAN Option.
  4. then press OK
  5. Now Press choose TCP/IP
  6. then press OK
  7. After this change the IP address
  8. then press OK

In windows 10 there was three option to print from an I pad Brother QL-720NW or QL-820NWB Printer:

Air Print

this mode allows you the list of the printer which was similar to your Ipad network. This Ipad network is helping to select the network after this go to the Kiosk Settings screen on your iPad Kiosk to select a printer.

Bluetooth Printer

bluetooth printer

This mode is to help to connect to select the printer list which is connected to the Ipad via Bluetooth after this go to the Kiosk Settings and select the printer this method helps you.

Manual IP Address

Manual IP Address

If your printer is not supporting your Air Printer then you should try to enter the manual setting and select the IP address of your printer after this confirm that your Ipad Kiosk Setting is also correct by selecting the print test label from the screen. For this, you can use  WolKiosk version 1.94.

After this, you also may about that how to set the kiosk setting↓

Kiosk Setting

kiosk 1


  1. First, go to tools >Locations.


  1. Then click on the view which was next to the location option with the help of the Ipad Kiosk.
  2. Then select Sign in from the menu.
  3. Then click on the view which was next to the Ipad kiosk then after this, you will be on the settings on the Tab.
  4. Ensure that Ipad is selected for the Kiosk the option is appeared like (iPad).
  5. Then select the manual IP address in the Ip printing mode.
  6. then enter the IP address which had you.
  7. then click on the save then close it.

when you have opened the app on your iPad the app will be connected automatically to your brother printer with the use of the IP address.


These are the steps in which we describe you all the things in a very easy way,  follow all steps and get connected Brother printer IP address if you still have an issue after this you can call us now on 1866-252452 we always available for you to solve your problem. if you want to read more articles so click here.

Thank you.

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