3 Important Method You Should Know About How To Reset Epson Printer.

3 Important Method You Should Know About How To Reset Epson Printer.

When you use your Epson printer, and suddenly you find something miss you get a message, and you became too scared first, it is not a big problem for you.

Your printer has to be done as you, but you have been reset your printer to the factory settings.

if you know that how to reset the Epson printer here is detailed information for you so we have three methods so now you should be read all steps clearly for doing any changes on your printer.

Here we talk about 3 method step by step:-

First Method:- using a control panel of the printer

  1. you open a home menu on the control panel of your printer, and then you will click the home button.
  2. You will use the right & left keys to open the setup menu. Then you click the ok button.
  3. Again you press the left & right buttons, and you get the restore default setting option, and again, you click the ok button.

Next same before as you use the up and down buttons to find the restore network settings and then click the ok button again and now restart your printer.

Method 2:- Using the reset buttonĀ 

All printers have reset buttons at the back of the body of the printer. This option is beneficial for the users, and it is a needy option in a printer that is used for reset printer to factory reset settings. So these are the following steps to reset your Epson printer.

  1. you should off the Epson printer by the power button.
  2. Now you have to use Pin to press and hold the reset button of the Epson printer.
  3. Now you turn on of your printer and keep pressed for a few seconds.
  4. You will not release the press button still, then you do not get a warning message ( page ), and after a few seconds again, you will get a page with a default IP address of the Epson printer which you use, which will be printed.
  5. Utilize this IP address to reconfigure the printer to the PC system.

This method takes a few minutes to factory reset the printer.

Method 3:- Using the Epson adjustment program.

This method is useful when your printer’s buttons working well. it’s a big problem in front of you. But here is a solution to this problem. We will give a sample solution to Epson reset the printer this method is taken a little more time, but this is a straightforward step if you follow this step by step, you will get your solution.

  1. Download the latest version of the Epson adjustment program on your computer system.
  2. Open the Epson adjustment program.
  3. Now click on the select option to make the essential sections.
  4. Now you will select the model number of your Epson printer. When you will choose the model number and click the button, your printer must be connected with your computer system and click the ok button.
  5. Complete all steps Now you should restart your pc for proper working.

Finally, if you didn’t find your solution so you can call our customer care (toll-free number – 18662524252 ). we have a very good team for printer technical problems that’s why we will solve any problem regarding printer. so I hope you like this post. we have a lot of post about you can check this here.

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